NVYA Technology

managed it services

We provide year-round support at any level with a fixed monthly rate- No surprise invoices or fees! 


Managing IT infrastructure is critical for small businesses and provides a stable environment for employees.  NvYA Technology works to develop, implement and manage your hardware strategies to ensure the most optimum environment for productivity. 


More and more companies are moving to cloud-based virtual servers due to greater efficiencies, lower upfront costs, or better redundancy.  Although this is an ideal solution, some small businesses have already made the investment in physical servers and want to realize a return on their investment.  NvYA Technology works with small companies to ensure the capabilities of the server are adequate for efficient computing and ensures that security updates, patches, etc., are applied in a timely manner.  NvYA also provides upgrades to the server to ensure licensing and throughput are up to date.


With today’s computing environment utilizing video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Teams to conduct day-to-day business, it is imperative to ensure your computing environment has the ability to utilize these tools.  NvYA Technology helps companies manage their computing inventory with rotation schedules, operating system upgrades, memory upgrades, etc.  NvYA Technology works with companies to develop a roll out strategy for updating all computing devices including desktops, laptops, and printers to ensure optimal computing.



From server deployments to designing and configuring any size network, we have you covered. Our highly skilled and experienced team can design, troubleshoot and/or maintain your IT infrastructure. From the desktop/mobile device all the way to the internet (and everything in between!), you can count on NvYA Technology to be your IT partner.


Let NvYA Technology transform your company’s productivity, processes and bottom line with our cloud services.  Depending on your scale and budget, we can offer solutions that improve overall security, accessibility and disaster recovery.  We can also design a completely custom private, public or hybrid cloud solution for your enterprise.


NvYA Technology offers a cloud based, fully integrated, hosted PBX solution via the internet.  This gives customers the flexibility to utilize the internet for their telephony needs, eliminating costly phone lines.  It also provides business continuity as customers can use the service from any internet connection. Our solution can also be used on smart phones with a soft application.


Successful IT support begins with efficient handling of issues from the moment they are reported.  
NvYA Technology will customize a Technical Support Center program that meets the needs of your company so that you can stay focused on your business.  We include this service in all Managed IT engagements.