Always stay connected with VOIP

Are you looking for a new phone system? 

With COVID almost behind us, who knows when the next pandemic or some other disaster will hit?! 

Here at NvYA we want you and your business to be as prepared as you can be for any natural disaster, such as tornadoes, ice storms, power outages, etc. We offer an amazing, affordable VOIP system, which means your business can still stay online from anywhere you choose to be to stay safe. 

This simple, yet Robust GoTo Connect phone system gives small businesses built-in business continuity for their business in the event of power outages, ice storms, tornadoes, COVID, etc. It includes an easy-to-use smartphone app, it is cloud-hosted, and internet based so you can use the phone from anywhere you have internet connectivity such as your home or secondary location in the event of a disaster. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a technology that transmits calls through data networks rather than through traditional phone lines. 

With mobile and desktop applications GoTo Connect helps maintain professionalism regardless of where your flexible workforce is – at home, in the car, or at your desk! True unified solutions make sure you stay connected and secured how you want, anytime and anywhere! 

Your phone system needs to be:

  • Flexible: Run your business from anywhere and empower your employees to be productive no matter where they are
  • Professional: Advanced voice features help deliver a positive customer experience over the phone
  • Reliable: With the right system, you never miss a call
  • Scalable: Nothing should stifle your company’s growth, especially not your phone system

Get in touch today to make sure your company never misses a beat. or call on (918) 528-9965

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

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