“Should I hire a full-time IT person or outsource my IT needs?”

Stan Chase, NvYA Technology

Information Technology has become a critical component for small businesses to perform their day-to-day tasks. The biggest challenge for businesses is whether to hire an individual or outsource the needs to an IT company to manage the IT tasks. There are several factors to be considered when making this decision.

The first challenge a small business must overcome is determining their critical IT needs. This is important because there are many disciplines in the IT arena. The second biggest challenge is determining what IT skill sets are required. For instance, a small business may want to move everything to cloud-based solutions and they will need to ensure the candidate and/or outsourced IT company has the necessary experience and expertise.

To assist with this decision, here are some major points to consider:

  • If considering hiring an individual to handle IT for your company, who within the company will ensure the candidate has to proper skill sets and who will vet these skill sets?
  • If considering outsourcing IT needs to a third-party, how does a small business know which IT firm to contract?
  • Cost of an IT employee is relatively high, and a business needs to factor in many additional costs such as benefits, vacations, and other various forms of compensation. The salary range of IT professionals varies greatly based on expertise and experience.
  • When considering outsourcing to a reputable IT company, look for a company that provides a flat monthly fee versus a “pay as you go” fee.
  • Single Point of Failure:
    – Hiring a full-time IT professional limits a small business to the experience and expertise of the individual hired. It also introduces a single point of failure, which means if the individual is out on vacation, sick, etc., then a company’s support is limited.
    – Outsourcing IT gives the company a team of IT professionals with differing amounts of experience, depth in numbers, and coverage at all times.
  • Experience:
    – A company’s IT landscape varies considerably and has many different components that require multiple skill sets, i.e., Desktop, Wireless, Servers, Cloud, Network, Storage, Security, etc.
    – Hiring an IT professional often limits a company to one set of experiences and expertise.
    – Outsourcing a company’s IT needs allows multiple viewpoints, experience, and expertise in all areas of computing.
  • Strategic IT Growth and Latest Trends:
    – Hiring an IT professional requires an investment into training for new technologies and current trends. It is also imperative that IT personnel can assist the company with it’s strategic IT direction.
    – Outsourcing a company’s IT puts the onus on the third-party company to invest in their staff and ensure they have the resources to meet a company’s IT needs and help plan strategic IT goals and investments.

At NvYA Technology, we assist our customers with a bevy of products and services to ensure their IT goals and objectives are met not just today, but also in the future. We provide strategic planning, on-site service, remote resolution, trouble ticketing system so companies can track the process of getting tasks resolved, and technical support desk services. We also eliminate the single point of failure with a deep staff of highly trained IT personnel.

Contact NvYA Technology at info@nvyatech.com or sales@nvyatech.com, or give us a call at (888) 234-6892

Stan Chase is the CEO of NvYA Technology based in Oklahoma City and can be contacted via email at stan@nvyatech.com or via phone at 1.405.492.6222.

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